Aug 06, 2012



How lovely to arrive at Bed & Breakfast on Tiffany Hill after the hustle and bustle of a freelance photographer’s life!  Maria and I thankfully drove along the treed country roads and then up the driveway to this peaceful haven near Asheville, NC.  Of course, we were there to photograph for Our State magazine, but Selena Einwechter, the gracious innkeeper gives everyone the star treatment!

We were ushered to our beautiful rooms and shown all the wonderful amenities:  Keurig coffee maker outside the rooms, lots of yummy snacks, homemade peach tea and anything you could need really.  We unpacked our equipment and were able to spend some time planning for our shoot.  It is a luxury to have some time before shooting!

Selena is so warm and friendly and her goal is for each guest to have a peaceful and wonderful stay.  There are porch rockers, a quaint fenced herb garden and a wooded trail with little nooks to sit and read or just soak in the ambience.   The pineapple  has long been a symbol of hospitality and you’ll find that this bed and breakfast to be a fine example!

We were excited to have the cover of Our State this month!  Hope you enjoy seeing a little more of Tiffany Hill . . .






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